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Pretty much all news for the week off and week preceding E3 will be E3 related news.

Is it too much trouble for you to just not browse GoNintendo?

Because even if RMC takes his on board, it's added overhead to his already massive workload and no doubt there will be dispute over what is and what is not a "leak".

The easiest and immediately effective option would be for those that don't want things spoiled, by their personal definition of spoiled, to just not browse GoNintendo or similar sites.

That's not an unreasonable option. And it's not difficult.

I've done it for every season of Game of Thrones thus far, as I prefer to binge the entire season. Not once have I had things spoiled because I simply avoid websites where I would normally see such stuff. And that's for 3-4 months not a week or two and arguable more mainstream.


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