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It's not a terrible proposal, but I'm just saying it's not a requirement for you to avoid leaks today.

Sure it'd make it easier on this site, and if implemented then great.

The same kind of debate will likely spring up soon when we start seeing more about Super Mario Odyssey - there will be people who won't want to know things and there will be things "spoiled" in titles, images, tag lines etc etc.

And as I said, if RMC then posts something without the leak or spoiler tag because he didn't deem it necessary but someone else does, then that person will just get upset at that.

One workaround for you could be to use Twitter, follow GoNintendo, and use the "mute keyword" functionality to block any and all tweets from showing in your feed containing those words.
Every post is tweeted as far as I know so you'll see all GoNintendo stories except those filtered by keyword.

It's effective. I've effectively erased any tweets revolving around Trump from my feed. Included retweets, quoted tweets, likes, replies etc.


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