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Okay, then I misinterpreted your post; sorry.

I don't think there will be much ambiguity about what constitutes as a leak, though. Unlike spoilers, where it's different for everyone, a leak is clearly defined. It's information that has leaked out either accidentally or purposely before an official announcement. Usually this is about game or feature announcements. The Hyrule Legends Warriors trailer is a very good example.
Ironically, unlike spoilers, leaks aren't really considered at all. RMC often puts (what he thinks are) spoilers after the break, but I haven't seen him do that with leaks at all. And the <unannounced game> is another example of him not keeping this in mind at all.

As for the Twitter advice: Thanks! But I don't think that will block out much more than I can do with the personalized feed I am already using, since I can already filter out on keywords for my personalized feed. The problem arises when RMC uses creative wording that doesn't have any predictable keywords in it. That's where a tag would come in handy.

I'm not sure if it would put much more burden on RMC since a leak is already clearly defined and adding a tag shouldn't be particularly arduous. RMC does tag rumors interestingly enough, which is why I think he might also add tags for leaks if only he knew it's a wanted feature


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