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You know, if you really think about it, Microsoft breaking out even further support for switch would make a lot of sense. The Switch is definitely carving out a niche as a supplementary system and with Microsoft chasing 4k, Nintendo doesn't serve as direct competition for the same market demographic. It might actually benefit Microsoft to promote their brand and IP by releasing some games for Seitch. Likely they wouldn't drop marquee titles, but imagine maybe they port something like Halo 3 over to cross promote a Halo 6 release pushing the concept as something like:

"Love this game? See the newest Halo in 4K on Xbox One X"

It actually makes logistical sense, considering Microsoft's diminishing market presence this gen comparative to Sony and the appearance that Microsoft seems to be headed to move away from consoles and integrate the Xbox brand into either PC or a cloud based service and I think Nintendo seems to be an ideal potential partner if you really start to think about it.