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I think Nintendo took a lot of mis-steps with the Wii U, especially making a system with a neat idea they didn't even know what to make for it. Most of the games were tacked on with features that didn't utilize the system in unique ways. In fact, without Nintendo Land, I feel the whole of Nintendo's future releases never seized it like the motion controls in the Wii era.

And with that, the trouble with developers even getting something ON the Wii U, and a couple who treated the consumer like garbage (EA, of no surprise). The system was destined to die unless Nintendo could just stick to their guns like the 3DS and do some amazing things. Yet, they didn't, even a motion camera and Pokemon Snap would been a cool idea, but they didn't.

The Switch though has a utility even casual game consumers can understand and enjoy (especially once it is in the house). The accessibility, the freedom, the options of choice to how one plays it. The Switch is taking off with the more casual market because of this, and it being a traditionally designed console games aren't too complicated with learning new shticks about each game.

However, I am concerned about how third parties will treat it. Obviously, this would be a reflection of how they would treat Nintendo even if they decided to go the "Power Pissing Contest" with the other two. That problem; Ports of everything!Literally there is a button that makes building a Switch version for their system a breeze, which in turned made it a button for a lot of quick and dirty, "Nintendo never had X before!" button. And quite frankly, I sincerely doubt -MOST- of the real reasoning behind this is cause Nintendo's new system isn't "as powerful" as the other two systems. I believe it has more to do with capitalizing on the sheer excitement of the IDEA their games are on a Nintendo console. Bethesda on Switch? EA core game on Switch?! Meat Boy on Switch?!?!?! Of course a TON of these games are older, pre-made as it were, so easier to just label power as an excuse, let people eat each other up as fanboys and blame Nintendo. All the while they make more bank cause the ease of port-a-thon 2018 is the next best thing to making new games that half the experience is sold through DLC.


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