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So we're entering the stage of our debate that owning a game somehow debunks the others' knowledge of it? No they hardly ever really announced anything for the GCN, was worse at E3 when the Wii was selling gangbusters. Which was even worse to swallow when the Wii Music E3 was upon us and Nintendo didn't announce squat.

The discussion wasn't if the GCN got games, it was what was being announced at E3. Nothing. Many excuses about how people cannot compete with Nintendo games was also the go-to excuse back then too.

The issue you're also not bringing up is that the atmosphere for developing games. People easily churned out games that, when you finally hit a million, you're practically pure profit. Now development takes longer, costs more, and requires millions of units sold in the first week to even consider breaking even. Something that the Switch has yet to gain enough momentum in for companies to blindly buy into merely months after its release, especially not with the passed 5 years on Nintendo.


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