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Wed Jun 21 17 04:25pm
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I really doubt Metroid Prime and Pokemon will hit 2018.

Last time a potential Metroid Prime 4 was asked about, it was said that it would take about three years to complete, which is why it wouldn't be in the cards for the Wii U. Going under the assumption that it began its development during the final months of Federation Force's dev, I don't expect to see the game to release before summer 2019. (Heck, before the reveal that it actually was happening, I was certain it was due to Tanabe's comments. I was spouting off stuff on Twitter about how it would get an E3 2018 reveal, and we'd get a teaser at best this year...didn't expect that teaser to actually happen though.)

As for Pokemon, Game Freak has been pretty good at keeping the generations lasting about three years. Sun and Moon released last year and I don't see them breaking that trend and cutting Gen 7 short. Totally autumn 2019 in my eyes.