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Thu Jun 22 17 09:32am
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I was one of the people who actively expected and hoped for Nintendo to turn around the system's fortunes like they did with the 3DS. I love my system and I was thrilled by many of the scarce first party releases because I kept thinking This is the one! This will revitalize the console!
I sometimes got a bit too defensive about it, I'll admit there was so much frustration with the weekly NINTENDOOMED/"They should go third party" articles popping up everywhere and the negativity coming from many fans.
I guess I wanted something to prove the naysayers wrong, I miss and still long for how the fans were in the pre-Wii era. There was (comparably) little infighting.

The one thing that pissed me off the most was seeing all the people on Nintendo fansites, sometimes including here who actively wished for Nintendo's management (Reggie, Iwata, Miyamoto, etc.) out of a job or in the worst cases actually wanted harm to come to them because of the Wii U's failure.

There was a lot of unfounded and exaggerated cynicism and optimism; certainly not the best time to be a Nintendo fan.


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