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Sat Jul 01 17 06:52pm
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once again your grasp of business is quite distorted. People have bought crappy products because of GOOD marketing and business decisions, and of course vice versa. The WiiU had a terrible marketing along with the fact that ehm..the CPUs are BLOODY SLOW and that pissed off many developers who had to optimize (ahem coming up switch ports - getting a deja vu here)

as for backward compatibility, that feature is used by less than 10% of its users. Yet the buzz it generates is phenomenal so yeah I see the value keeping BC even if the company want to distance themselves. By that plan (dongle concept) the nintendo switch could have been the first console that can emulate EVERY single nintendo console released with a killer VC service that could grab many old time fans and the undecided, the same way the SNES mini sold out in 30 minutes.


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