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Mon Jul 03 17 01:23pm
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Dude this is no poker game. There are people with a lot of inside knowledge who simply give their opinions and they never have to prove anything. So take it for what it is and if you just dont agree walk away, stop bullshitting people. I backed up my opinions with some business concepts, feel free to do what you will with this.

"and again I'm directly involved in business in my own ventures and via investing in others, in which I've done well."

Also I don't care about your credentials. No one does. Yet your concepts are similar to nintendo's on the SNES era and FYI people HAVE got certain things wrong while in business ie jools stating that demos are not helping sales, clearly missing the entire point. So i wish you all the best and instead of advertising yourself (I never said what kind of experience I got) just use your proper name and come on record. Otherwise piss off.


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