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actually no. You had to trashtalk that the school I go is unreliable and you provided me with 20 year old business strategies. Heck you are not even aware of what an MBA is and who does it (more suited to execs than entrepreneurs - also the whole point is NOT to make execs with the same views but help them cultivate their skills and form their own identity as managers) so excuse me for not being persuaded of your nonsense.

For the 3rd time I have some experience on the video game sector having spoken to quite a few people oer the years hearing the immensely ironic "we do not expect you to have only one console" coming from the distributor product manager at the wii's launch and I do know why many of square's and ubi's games were sold to online stores for less than 10eu when companies flooded the market as a penetrative measure. I do NOT work on the video game sector but I HAVE been following nintendo for over 20 years and can back up my views with some business knowledge.

so here is what I will do. I will keep voicing my opinion (because democracy) and if you feel you do not like it, feel free to report me. Just remember that you have been breaking TOS for quite some time now.

thank you for your patronage.


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