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I don't get the impression that you understand how making games works. GX sold under a million copies globally, closer to 650K last I checked. Nintendo pumps out million sellers like crazy now days, so there's not much incentive for them to return to F-Zero. The budget for the Gamecube game with all that art, including the video production for story mode, was probably bigger than Fast Racing had put into it by the nature of company size, and expectations for a well known franchise. Game budget (generally) does not go mostly toward programming. Technically, it likely went mostly to marketing, but art is absolutely a big expense. You might have heard Nintendo struggled in the Wii U era due to the HD transition. That has a lot to do with creating HD assets, not displaying them. Just taking into account that we're in the HD era will mean that a new F-Zero will cost more than the previous one, and it wasn't a huge seller to begin with, making it more of a risk, for little reward. That's not even taking into account AX, which MIGHT have helped via concurrent development, but I don't think anyone's going to suggest that an arcade version is going to help profitability these days. Fast Racing uses HD assets, but also lacks the big story production of GX, and I wouldn't be surprised to find the asset count was lower, though I don't know that for sure. Shinen should be commended for pulling off what they did, I'm not taking anything away from them. Its just that saying the budget for Fast Racing and a new F-Zero game would be the same is just wrong. That's why my suggestion is to uprez the existing GX, rather than make an all new game. They can test the waters, keep the IP alive, and take less risk.


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