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Tue Jul 11 17 03:55pm
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Please no. Watched the 4 half a**ed Episodes yesterday and besides "R-Rated as F***", there wasn't much to explore besides cheesy oneliners and hardcore americanization. Due tue it's trash-factor, it was still enjoyable on a different level of entertainment. All in all, this Series is what to expect if american guys take on a japanese Franchise. It may be not as trashy as the animated Zelda Series, but the Castlevania Series isn't far away from that level.

The Animations were nice to look at though, I have to give them this credit. Nothing groundbreaking, but no overuse of ugly CGI like the new Berserk Series.

In the end, I don't need a second Mini-Series. Wasn't simply my cup of tea. There are many great animations shows produced in the US, Castlevania isn't one of them.


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