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Tue Jul 11 17 09:51pm
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I'd have to say that in many ways I agree with you. I'm just not a fan of a lot of Shankar's work. If it was up to me, I'd say no to letting this guy do an adaptation. I wouldn't go so far as saying I wouldn't give it a chance if it did happen, but if they are going to make a Metroid adaptation, I'd rather them go in a completely different direction.

Why not go big budget blockbuster sci-fi with Metroid? Seriously. Go big, get the most talented people, and just set out to make a good movie. What sets Metroid apart is the isolation, so I say work with that. Put all the focus on Samus and her development as a character and just tell a compelling story. But you know, mixed with awesome fights against aliens and shit.


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