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"So in other words:"

I do not know what aspects of those works you are specifically referring to. Of them, I am only really familiar with the Animatrix, where the quality varies wildly between the parts due to each episode being handled by entirely different groups of people with differing levels of talent and no communication among anyone.

Idk if I would want Metroid or any game adaption to be in that sort of melting pot anthology format. We get enough weird stylistic differences in the games as they vacillate from Super's grounded spritework to Zero-Mission/Fusion's anime-nonsense to the realism of the Prime games to the weird plastic mishmash that was Other M to the chibi stuff in Federation Force or that prototype with cubist Samus.

Ideally, I would probably prefer something a bit more unified in an adaptation -- particularly if it were only 80 minutes total like Netflix Castlevania.

"I do wonder if a stopmotion short like Street of Crocodiles will look using the Metroid imagery."

Nintendo already does things that are like stopmotion shorts, like the Wooly Yoshi bits.



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