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Sat Jul 15 17 05:38am
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I'm doing my second play through of BOTW (not on hard mode). Discovered a new Korok hiding method that I had completely missed the first time around.

The first time I played, I traversed the land by essentially getting up high and gliding around. This time I'm stilling to the roads and lower ground and finding things I missed last time. There is so much in this game it's incredible.

Having something like Majora's Mask early on is nice as it makes you blend with early enemies too.

Using horses for the first time really too and love trotting through the land. Have my 16 hearts Wolf Link by my side too who takes out enemies for me.

Doing the Divine Beasts in a different order too. Hit Vah Ruto first this time to get Revali's Gale early to make scaling all the Shiekah Towers easy, especially those ones that are well guarded.

Also getting more into meals and elixirs. Again something I really didn't do much with first time around. I mainly just used them to heal hearts but now making concoctions that give me more stamina, more hearts, boost stats etc.


Overall I think I'm having more fun playing the second time that I did the first time.


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