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Thu Jul 20 17 02:43am
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So the Archie Sonic comic series is officially done then 😢 Like any new publisher will have a new writer I'd imagine, so goodbye Ian...

Heck, there's no guarantee the SatAM and or Archie only characters will even be part of a new book really.

That said, to both the british Sonic The Comic I began with and later on the american Archie Sonic comics, I was never there at the very start, but always the end... Gotta thank Ian Flynn wholeheartedly for bringing Archie Sonic back to life when he joined!

I'm just sad that multiple arcs on the crux of ending just went out mid-sentence. Like, this silence was about a year long, and they couldn't even allow a wrap-up session [or at least have let us get to #300]?