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I just finished Tales of Berseria, the story keep me going, since the game design is inferior to past entries, while combat is more streamlined like with Nier you either make little to no effort or even just leave autoplay, OR you get constantly one shot which if it were playing coop it'll make sense, but constantly reviving the cpu allies, got tiresome, also I might not get it, but it doesn't make sense to me that you get more experience points in lower difficulties, especially when enemy levels are doubled on higher difficulties. Also level design is mediocre, you take out the textures that conform these environments and what you get is linear corridors with a room pooling a group of enemies and repeat. There's little to no verticality. All in all, if there ever is an anime adaptation I'll recommend that for those inclined, since IMO this is one of the better Tales of, stories, the main character has a Montecristo desire for revenge, the party members team up mainly do to personal interests coinciding, and the antagonists are seen as the good guys from this story. It might not be much in the grander scheme of things, but for this series I think it's a step up. The Zestiria anime gave episodes 6 and 7 to the intro of Berseria and it has a more impressive presentation making me think it might be a better medium for this story. And in that sense if people liked Phantasia and Symphonia's story and characters I think this one is there (since it also takes some story bits from these games).

All in all, I'm a bit surprised even Nier might be more replayable, since despite having worse controls at least it had gameplay ideas and variation. Also since it's shorter that also helps.


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