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Based on what we were told during the stream he's a programmer, not a professional interpreter. He works there and he speaks Japanese and he may do that on occasion, but he's not formally trained to do so.

I've never been particularly excited for Iga's next project as I kind of think he ruined Castlevania, but I've always hoped the project turned out well for the fans of his games. I do agree with you that shuffling through multiple developers is often a bad sign. Then again, I also think Inti Creates shouldn't have been working on it because it's clear they have no mastery of 3D engines, so the development shift may have been to fix the issues you are discussing. In general, I think it just goes to show that developers who aren't used to low budgets shouldn't be doing independent development. Most of the successful Kickstarter games were from Indy devs who already knew how to make games with small teams at a low cost. Some people just need publishers and should stick to their skillset. Igarashi and Inafune seem like they need publishers. It's not a slight against them as directors, it's just how it is sometimes.


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