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Wed Aug 02 17 01:30am
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"Did you even read my comment?"

You asked a question, and I answered it. I even quoted it and everything.

"Those are all regional changes"

Regional changes where they changed a part of a game's cover art, only one specific part, modified simply because it wouldn't be interesting enough to the people in the territory.

Or do you think they slightly zoomed-in the picture here because they were surrendering to the complaints of a bunch of irate near-sighted Americans?

"what are you even arguing"

That companies make silly and pointless changes to boxart all the time for all sorts of reasons without it automatically being the result of a PC conspiracy, lol.

Oh no, Activision took the astronaut from the WIP cover and put him in tact gear in the final boxart. Clearly, this must be because of all the letters they must have gotten about spaceman culture being offensively appropriated.

There is no other possible explanation.

"except the last one which is a complete redesign"

So your working hypothesis is that companies will make complete redesigns to in-progress boxart just because, but a slight tweak can only ever be attributed to fan outcry on Tumbler or w/ever?


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