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Wed Aug 02 17 12:20pm
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There are always going to be idiots on both sides. A couple stupid people upset at sombrero/poncho Mario does not make a controversy. Likewise, the anti-Snowflake ones on the other side are also dumb for now trying to blow up a small boxart change.

How about we all mind our own f*cking business, live our own lives, and let others do the same. Everything in this world has become so bitter and divided and it's because of both sides. Not just the far left SJW or the far right Pepe crowd. Both. It's disgusting and beneath the entire idea of freedom and democracy.

I'm a centrist democrat (or left of center as some might say.) The amount of times I've got called a "snowflake" for no reason by some triggered alt-right moron is ridiculous. They don't see the hypocrisy that when someone has a different view than them and they get all pissy and retreat to their "safe space," they are no better than the loonies on the other side of spectrum who they make fun of for "safe spaces."

It's ok to have respect for other cultures, races, religions, etc. But, it's also ok to let those people speak for themselves.

It's also important for both sides to learn to live and let live and stop trying to tell others how to think and act. Those of us in western democracies need to get used to the fact that not everyone is going to agree. That's the beauty of the freedoms we enjoy. We need to recognize that it's what we have in common and what binds us together that's important. Maybe if we'd all stop and listen to each other, instead of coming up with whatever counter talking-point our "side" has memorized for every argument, we'd realize that good ideas and decency can come from anywhere.


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