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Of course changing the box art would not avoid any kind of bad of press. It won't make people forget about the controversy. Especially the type people who complain about whole thing in the first place. And those kind of people are the type that will never be please. No mater what you do. And not changing the content in the game does but the box art does not mean that Nintendo had been paying attention to these people. That's why I ask if the change was a coincidence, or done on for PR reasons. And the box art change and the controversy that happen before awhile back raise some suspicions. You can say the whole thing may be a case of "Unfortunate Implications"

And there's different situations with Mother 3 and FF compared to Odyssey, and different group of people that are involved with those games. The people who were spamming social media about the localization of Mother 3 were Mother fans who's desperately wants the game to finally came to the west. Unlike Odyssey, Mother 3 had no controversy that people accuse it for being racist. And the people who were complaining about FF were really desperate Metroid fans who been lusting for a new traditional Metroid games for years after the disaster of Other M, and fearing that the series might be on death's door. And the people who where complaining about sombrero wearing Mario in Odyssey are social justice obsessed busy bodies who takes it upon themselves to be offended for the very people they think they're standing up for. Even though the very people they think they're defending don't even think Mario wearing a sombrero is offensive. And guest which group have

For for some example of the whole controversy look at this video that explain the whole controversy.


Here's one twitter example...


And here's a screen shot of the tweet that started the whole thing..

https://i.redd.it/ohrbccudwg3z.png (luckly alot of people actucally called bullcrap on this person)


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