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Wed Aug 02 17 11:41pm
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"You quoted it. Doesn't mean you answered it."

Sure it does.

"Regional changes made by different region-specific marketing teams."

Yes, just like non-finalized boxart gets changed as it goes through the different marketing teams and gets approved by the different business people. That is kind of the whole point of boxart being a WIP.

"No need to imagine a "PC conspiracy""

And yet you keep doing so.

"you dimwit"

Lol, you mad.

"Are you implying no company has ever changed anything about their products due to online outrage?"

Nope, not implying that at all. I willingly grant that fan outrage is a possibility, albeit an extremely unlikely, poorly-thought-out one.

You are the one flat-out saying that your version of events is the only one that you can possibly think of, evidently not realizing how that is kind of a self-own.

"I too have read books!"

Um. Congratulations?

(Do you frequently go around randomly shouting suspiciously-specific claims at people about how normal you are? 'I too have passed the second-grade!')

"different regions have different marketing teams with different preferences of cover art, and that when a same marketing team decides to modify a boxart they had already designed it's usually, like 99% of the time, a complete redesign."

So you think the same team consisting of dozens of people in different positions can change their mind massively but they will never ever change their mind a little? And as that in-progress boxart works its way through the different stages of graphic designers, throughout the ranks of the different PR people, and up the ranks of the upper management, those people will only ever say 'Change everything' or 'Change nothing'?

"I had never seen two cover arts of a game for the *same region* (please read this part multiple times as you don't seem to grasp the concept) with only a fraction of it different"

'If I have never seen something, it cannot possibly exist.' Irrefutable logic.

Man, look at Ignition-North America catering to the cabal of anti-wolf protesters who are definitely real and definitely forced them to move their logo to that corner and cover him up.


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