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"Of course changing the box art would not avoid any kind of bad of press."

If they are not doing anything to avoid that kind of bad press, is that not evidence that they are not all that concerned about it?

"And there's different situations with Mother 3 and FF compared to Odyssey, and different group of people that are involved with those games."

I agree that they are different groups. For starters, there appear to be substantially more people in the first two groups, and they appear they have the sort of thing I asked for, like hashtags, petitions, actual calls for boycotts, and mass group dislikes for videos on Youtube.

I am not really certain I follow why anyone thinks Nintendo is more afraid of the smaller, less vocal, less organized group.

"For for some example of the whole controversy look at this video that explain the whole controversy."

Okay, so the extent of the controversy is... a person complaining about a few dumbasses on Twitter, two very-moronic tweets (one of which says later that he was being sarcastic), and a deluge of people calling those tweets stupid.

And... that is all it supposedly takes to make a billion-dollar global corporation quake in its boots?

By the standards of most Nintendo-related 'scandals' where you have tens of thousands of people doing things, that seems pretty weak.


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