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"If they are not doing anything to avoid that kind of bad press, is that not evidence that they are not all that concerned about it?

As I mention above, was the box art change was coincidental, or done for pr reason? The problem with the whole thing is Nintendo change the sombrero wearing Mario image with another image. People wouldn't have no problem if there wasn't that controversy that involved people thinking Mario wearing a sombrero racist. It makes the box art change suspicious. If it wasn't done on pr reasons, then the whole thing is a case of "unfortunate implication".

I am not really certain I follow why anyone thinks Nintendo is more afraid of the smaller, less vocal, less organized group.

Yes, why Nintendo would be afraid of these small group of people? Remember how people raise heck about Tomodachi Life not having a "same-sex relationship" option? I show do. Oh, and how people complain about Nintendo firing a female treehouse employee, even though it was justified because she violated company policy? And these same people was "white knighting" her. It went so far that some no name game devs said they won't make games on a Nintendo system because they fired the said woman.

Like I said before, never underestimate the outcry of sjws Just because they're a small vocal minority doesn't mean companies don't listen to them. You want a big example of that look at Marvel (the comic division, not the movie division). As of late, they been trying to cater to the SJW crowd. The very people who don't even read comic in the first place. And they're pretty much running themselves in the ground because of it. And there was Pepsi who tried to appeal to these people with a ad, but that it in up blowing up in their face. On the gaming front, there's Mass effect Andromeda. And we all know what a mess that game in up being. I would also like to add Yooka-lay-lee on the list too.


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