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It could have been either, but given the limited nature of the change and the even-more limited nature of people actually asking for it, coincidence seems the more likely explanation to me.

And that's what I'm getting when say the box art change might be a case of "unfortunate implication". The whole thing might not even been done out of PR reason. But after that little controversy, and the removal of sombrero Mario from the box art several weeks later after the whole thing does make people think it is.

Does two people saying something stupid on Twitter really constitute much of a controversy, though? I am pretty sure that I can find just as many people saying just as many dumbass things about literally every game. In the absence of any real acknowledgement or effort from Nintendo at appealing to those people, this specific case seems like a bit of a reach.

Have you watch all of the video I have linked you before? It showed that it wasn't just two people who were complaining about Sombrero Mario, there were several others others who accused Mario being racist because he was wearing a sombrero.

Of course. That one had a dumb petition that a couple thousand people signed, and Nintendo made a show of officially apologizing for it. I think it is fair to attribute that one to the complainers.

And it's an example "why Nintendo would be afraid of these small group of people". And the reason why would companies listen to SJWs is because they don't want to have any bad pr about being accused of being "racist", "homophobic", "transfobic", etc, etc. And having those labels on you can ruin your repetition.

Neither of those things seem to be the case here, though.

But it's still an example as much of that whole "box art change all the time" example.

Sure, companies sometimes listen to vocal minorities. I just do not believe that is the case in this particular instance.

Are you sure about that? At this point none of us truly don't know what's the exact reason why Sombrero Mario was removed in the first place. It can be ether way.


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