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Ys: Memories of Celceta: So, the premise of this game (in a franchise that sorted as a top-down dungeon crawler in the 80s) is that the main character is a mostly mute, amnesiac swordsman who runs around a very, very large overworld piecing together the backstory by collecting fragments of his own memories. Some things I have noticed:

-The combat system involves a blocking system where he can essentially parry 100% of damage and a dodge system that sends things into slow-motion with proper timing.

-The framerate kind of stinks.

-A lot of items and equipment require grinding X number of materials in the overworld to craft them.

-Some of the tougher fights in the game have been against some really-persistent magical robots that used to be good but went berserk.

-Periodically in cutscenes, even though the main character in question has been mute for decades, I receive dialogue choices with two-options of what to 'say' (and even though there is voice-acting in the game, none of what he says is voiced). Regardless of the choices I pick, nothing meaningful changes in how the scenes play out other than a one-line or so response I get, so I always make sure to pick the sassier choice.

-I am being aided primarily by a society of people that belong to some kind of secretive ancient order going back centuries (and there is a splinter group of them that have turned traitor and work for the villain now).

-In one of the story-scenes, I got lectured by the ghost of the king of a fallen kingdom.

-The main character's love interest (?) is of the royal lineage of said destroyed kingdom.

For some reason, this feels... familiar.


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