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Sat Aug 05 17 08:37pm
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I understand why people are making a post-hoc-ergo-propter-hoc fallacy, but it is not something that I find all that persuasive.

There's a reason why I said the change might be a coincidence.

None of the tweets linked were specifically about the boxart.

But it does lead up to a possibility why the box art was change. After all, the change happen several weeks after the controversy. And they specifically removed Sombrero Mario from the boxart. That's going to make people think why it was removed. Just because tweets may not have nothing to do with the boxart doesn't mean it didn't lead up to the reason why the box art change happen.

I like concrete, specific numbers. 24,061 signed the FF petition. 3,784 people signed that dopey Tomodachi thing. 42 people thought bacon-scented soap was a good idea.

For the "dopey Tomodachi thing" I have to ask. If the petition numbers was small, then why Nintendo still apologize to these small number of people who complained about there's no "same-sex relationship" option in the game, even though they may not had intention to put it in the game at the time? They didn't apologize about FF, but why Tomodachi life? Their petition numbers was smaller then FF. Why Nintendo waste their time to apologize to the small-number of people who were complain about a missing relationship option in a game? Should the complaints of a small number of people shouldn't cross their mind? This goes right back to what I said about companies listening to SJWs. If it wasn't, then Nintendo wouldn't bother apologizing to these small numbers of people. And are those two petitions from places like Change.org?''

Until then, the idea of Nintendo caring enough to change a game cover (while simultaneously not caring enough to change the game itself) purely to appease one of the seemingly-least-significant scandals in the history of videogames -- while possible -- just does not seem all that likely to me.

Hence why I said before that The whole thing might not even been done out of PR reason and At this point none of us truly know what's the exact reason why Sombrero Mario was removed in the first place. It can be ether way. It's easy can brush the whole thing off as nothing but a coincidences. But at the same time, can't ignore the implication of the whole thing because of controversy and the removal of Sombrero Mario from the box art that follow after the following weeks..


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