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Sat Aug 05 17 11:27pm
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Switch and PS4? Shame, as if this was a switch exclusive I wouldn't be grabbing it on PS4 for the trophy support/likelihood of better FPS if DQHeroes 1/2 is anything to go by.

I guess it makes sense to put it on switch though, for Nintendo only owners who like DQ and the fact that the Switch is the next vita (which DQB1 was on) which means that DQB2 will sell very well in Japan for sure. Would be more enticing even to me though if the Switch got both DQB1 and DQB2 in a double pack running at a smooth framerate as it would be a great value even if it lacked trophies. I need to get the first one sometime, but I've heard great things about it, so if you don't have a PS4 I'd keep an eye on this game for the Switch! Touch controls might give it an edge if they're used at all.


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