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Sat Aug 05 17 11:49pm
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Believing an event is caused by another event just because it happened after it is a logical fallacy known as post hoc ergo propter hoc.
Arguments based on logical fallacies by definition cannot be trusted.

Have you pay attention when I said the whole thing might be a coincidence?

Sure, it is a possibility that they were related events -- but not all possibilities are equally likely.

"See last comment above".

Size is relative. A few thousand people is still large compared to something like ten.

Because there was an observable thousands-strong organized movement against it, whose existence Nintendo explicitly acknowledged.
If those things were the case here, then I would say this is probably a comparable situation, but they are not, so it is probably not.

And guest who usually do these organized movement, especially as of late? The SJWs. That's why I keep saying companies do listen to sjws. And why I keep saying despite being a small minority, they're a very LOUD vocal minority. Which lead back to the Sombrero Mario controversy. It was a bunch of SJWs who was complaining about it Mario wearing a sombrero.Which leads to the suspicion why Sombrero Mario was removed from the box art, which might not ease be the case, but it's a possibility.


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