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I'm also a little sceptical how the Switch version will perform technically. The Vita version (I imported the japanese version when the game was released) performed at a very unstable and low Framerate, but visually it was impressive. But I prefer performance over looks. In the end, the PlayStation 4 version was superior in every aspect (no surprise). And even Heroes was developed by Omega Force, it is an example how to do it not right on the Switch.

Missing Trophy-Support is a loss for me too. Missed them during my "I am Setsuna" playthrough. It would be neat if Nintendo would be able to present something similiar combined with My Nintendo, how they are actually doing it with their Mobile Titles. It is weird they are able to present My Nintendo rewards for ingame achievements in their Mobile Games but not able to present anything like that for the Switch, which is, of course, still barebone when it comes to Multimedia Features.


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