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Other M's story isn't bad in theory, its the execution that missed the mark. In my opinion, if most people didn't "understand it", it's probably the fault of the writer.

The problem, at least in my eyes, wasn't that Samus was whining or anything. It's that the entire script was written with a lot of subtle (and unintentional) sexism. Samus is never presented as a strong, independent woman in the game. Sometimes she's a strong "daughter", growing past the need for her father figure, Adam. Other times she's a strong "mother", moving on from her grief over the loss of the baby Metroid. It's a very typical way for a man to write a woman character, and it's kind of boring. That, coupled with the unclear Ridley PTSD scene and a thousand shots of Samus in her skintight Zero Suit, adds up to a lot of problems.


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