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Sun Aug 20 17 02:46pm
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I agree that Other M's story problems was due to poor execution, not necessarily from a bad concept. Nintendo just aren't the best story tellers - they don't pull out all the stops very often. Lack of experience is why Other M and Breath of the Wild's cinematic moments come off as amateurish. It's the work of amateur story tellers. Probably wouldn't be the case if they'd been practicing this as long as a developer like Naughty Dog, who are excellent story tellers.

I attribute the gameplay problems to the dumb philosophies Nintendo had at the time. They forced that stupid sideways Wii remote and made the levels designs too straight forward as to not scare off the Wii Bowling grannies (who won't play Metroid anyway).

It's a shame because there's still some good stuff there. I'm glad the melee combat ideas didn't completely die, as we can see they carried over to Samus Returns in a way.


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