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Sun Aug 20 17 08:53pm
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Very much agree. Having played Other M in both English and Japanese, I was able to get a better view of the story in general. The Japanese version made a lot more sense and flowed a bit better overall. There were some weird translations as well as not well directed voice acting.

One complaint I never understood was the Adam Samus interactions. Specifically, people seem to complain about Samus taking orders from Adam. Was the power up mechanism silly and senseless? Sure. The actual interactions made a lot of sense. Samus received a distress signal from a GFed owned ship. Adam, the GFed in charge of the GFed led rescue allowed Samus to stay on the ship and help as long as she followed orders. Seeing as Samus was used to Adam being a commander, falling into the military hierarchy wasn't an issue.

I do not logically understand why people wanted her to rebel against what she agreed on, following orders as one does in a military operation. Yes, she is a very capable individual but she also knows how to work in a "group" if needed. My two cents on the Other M complaints.

Overall, I quite enjoyed it (the Japanese version more so). Controls worked but would have been better on a traditional control pad. Gameplay was smooth and felt rewarding. Samus was much more dynamic as well. Instead of being a turret, the close combat maneuvers brought more deadly grace to our favorite interstellar bounty hunter. Good concepts and I would love to have a similar prequel that outline some of her life in the GFed world/what the hell happened to the ship Adam's brother died in. That was an important part of shaping Samus in the calmer, more mature hunter she is now.


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