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Skintight zero suit I can understand, even though that wasn't too much of a problem for me since I know team ninja and I was personally scared that they would do much worse. SO that kind of undermined that effect on me. ^^

The rest of it though... Look, I consider myself a feminist, but that does not mean I reject traditional depictions of women. They are still there, women still think that way for a lot of them and these are still the codes that are used in a good part of our society to talk about women. Even women talking about themselves would more often that not use those codes. The codes are not bad in themselves though, it's what you do with them that can be bad and degrading. Commenting on the condition of daughters or mothers is not in itself a bad thing.

So because of that, the problem might come from what you perceive as a good character in a game. Does a character in a game need to be a perfect depiction of a man or a woman because it has a responsibility towards society to show examples of what good men and women roles can be ? Or does a game character be flawed, have moments of weakness, because it needs to be realistic to make the story believable. Choose your side but I definitely thought Samus in Other M was a lot more believable, with her moments of pure badassery and her more emotional moments, with her phases where she would give in to more stereotypical aspects of her feminity or her phases where she would precisely kick these in the *ss because she knows she is also something else, a military and a lone warrior. So it seems to me it comes down to what you want from a video game character. Now I don't think it's very reasonable to expect video game characters to all bear the responsibility of showing kids "good" depictions of gender (what's a "good"
depiction of a woman anyway, isn't that a sexist idea in itself?).

Another quick idea, anyway being a "daughter" for example or a "mother" are moments of women's lives that are only reserved to them. Men can't experience that ever, especially the mother bit which is something that very few games touch upon and I was glad Other M did so. In that sense, isn't that more bold and accurate anyway to look into and try to grasp what specifically makes women women to tell a story about a woman. Especially these days, it is brave to do something like that. Anyway, it is braver than most female depictions in video games as they usually just are bi-dimensional characters, damsels in distress, or just blank slate to avoid any issues with feminists. At any rate it is more interesting than simply having the equivalent of a male character with boobs, since that is the trend with feminist-friendly characters these days. And it works too ^^ Turn your female characters into male stereotypes. How does that help female condition in any way ? How is that not sexist ?

I think this game crystallized a lot of confusion about nowadays feminism and the question of women in video games simultaneously. And frankly, most things I've read about it just served to show how bad the situation was and how urgent it was to talk about it. And also it showed how a game can take a huge backlash because of a couple misconceptions when in fact it could have been actually well criticized as being rather forward thinking in that regard even if it's definitely not perfectly executed.


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