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I mean, if we're gonna continue Samus having a rival in the Prime games at least it'll be nice it doesn't look like herself. Still I hope they do it right since so far what has been said sounds problematic. A romantic subplot, or a "You and I are not so different" and also whatever continues from Federation Force, giant space pirates, golem class armor, sequels to the space pirate mind control.

The end of Fusion has her accompanied by Robo-Adam and The Animalz

That's why I'm asking. That's more or less how Aliens ended. What if it starts with the Federation shooting the ship down and the X having assimilated the animals or something. And then Samus has to find a way to escape a prison planet while the ramifications of her DNA is turning her into a monster. Also they'll need a excuse to revert the Fusion suit because tradition.

Also I expect Metroid Prime 4 referencing Admiral Dane. Since I don't think they'll use him again and in canon doesn't feel like Samus will be in the same space sector. Also, none of the hunters died so who knows. Weavel also had pending issues with Samus.