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Actually, video games can inject a reality into people's heads via executables.... All for entertainment. That can be pretty useful.
Achievements though? No... They aren't useful. They tend to be redundant, break flow and immersion, and can add unfun busywork for no reward other than a person's compulsion to 100%.
REAL achievements are already facilitated in games... Or should be, at least. Beat a level/boss, get an upgrade and advance. Hit a benchmark, get some exp or skill points. Beat a mode, unlock a goodie. Play for 20 hours, get Mewtwo.
There's a lot of ways to add achievements and trophies to games that are engaging and rewarding than a little ping on the corner of the screen.

And yeah, I get that it's enjoyed by some people... And I generally try to have a live and let live attitude... But I do not feel bad for asserting that achievements are a complete waste and demand something better be designed and implemented in a video game.