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Maybe you're reading more into this on an emotional level than I and portraying, cause there is a lot of buzzwords of superiority complex that seems to be emanating from you onto my posts. You've may have experience some toxic dudes on forums, but I dunno... You just give that vibe. However, read my stuff pretty monotonic, it's not meant to sound superior to you.

I have seen a LOT of toxic cultures come from achievements since they've been added. And they haven't changed, and they desperately need to. Arbitrary numbers in addition feels like more fuel for this toxicity, (and besides, why DO we need experience and GS scores along with the achievements if they're essentially serving the same purpose?). People claim to be better fans of games than others due to achievements, developers opting more for the "easy answer" to rewards, and more dangerous (those few who do this) when gamers buy excessively poor games for the sake of bloating those numbers. There's more, but the system as is supports several of these pockets of negativity.

Mind you, I am not opposed to the system in its entirety, but to accept it as-is goes against the encouragement that gamers should, and have, hold their developers to a higher standard. We moved and progressed in various genres and made new subgenres because of asking for better, that the current state needs more, and to say achievements systems added currently makes it hypocritical.

You're alright in my book, don't misconstrue what I am saying as counter-points as attacks on you.