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Sun Sep 10 17 04:32pm
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I honestly have no problem with people being pro-Achievements, I just feel that this system lacks of what makes games special.

For instance if Rocksmith had some art gallery that unlocks the albums (or singles) artwork, or promo posters for the player to look at and enjoy, that's a different story. Cause then you as a gamer can interact with that item, look at it and appreciate it. The current state of achievements don't really have anything but an icon and some arbitrary numbers. They need to be better, those who are against them would probably warm up to these ideas and those who loved them before would only get more elated.

Now here was something I read from another person on another Nintendo site about this and some odd rumors;

I remember early Wii U rumors that there was a thing called "Room for Mii" which was like a little app tied to your account. These accounts had whatever Nintendo was going to call their alleged system (thinking it was N-Badges, but that could be influenced from the CoH mention) built into it. Non-friends can see you achievements acquired, but not specific games where-as friends could see each one and the playtime of those games when they were unlocked. Similar to how the current Switch system works with the amount of playtime now.

This room app was instanced to a designable room, where you Mii had various decor to customize their rooms. But two things stood out, a trophy case and another achievement case. These cases allowed players to display their favorite moments they earned these things, but only so many. These displayed can be seen by everyone. Trophies, if I remember right, were the answer to the "platinum" trophy of Sony's fame. But there was something else to it, like a meta minded achievement from the developers. These things were apparently able to be picked up and viewed, displayed in a various ways (thinking like the diorama mode of Smash).

Now that is an impressive rumor, and I remember hearing rumors of the Wii U having a channel-based app on it, but nothing to this depth. Regardless, this would be something achievements can reach a new level of progress. You can literally display your favorite accomplishments, that's at least a little bit more interactive than what's currently out there. I will admit, it sounds sort of up Nintendo's alley with the "anonymous" achievement count deal with non-friends.

But that should be encouraged, the progress to make that system better. We've had achievements long before X-Box too, just in the state of more functional rewards such as Super Sonic ability, and "Very Hard" modes. X-Box just made them more universal, but in turn (though this is not entirely Achievement system faults) developers grew more encouraged for providing achievements as rewards and removing a good sum of what used to be there in favor of DLC packets and making THOSE more appealing (cause, obviously, better profit).

Sony has Home, and X-Box has those avatars, they're technically already halfway to making that type of system a reality.