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Fri Sep 15 17 11:30pm
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"Other M make even less sense on why they have a Queen, (disregarding the fact that if you can clone these things why have the need to keep a Queen.)"

In fairness, they did not *need* a Metroid Queen in Other M, nor were the GF planning on it. They were just randomly cloning all the gunk off Samus's suit willy-nilly without knowing what any of it was. That is why they accidentally cloned Ridley (and I guess Phantoon, somehow, despite being a ghost (~_~) ). The Metroid DNA they used just happened to be for a Queen.

Although that just raises further questions, lol. Samus did not actually run into any Metroid Queens in the course of Super. The only Metroids she came into contact with were the Infant and its copies, and if the Infant is supposed to just be a baby Metroid Queen, then why is it that all of the other clones of it (which share the same DNA) are normal Metroids? The ones in Fusion (who are also clones of it) all go through the standard life cycle. The whole point of recreating their native planet was sort of predicated on that. >.>

"I think I also have an idea on why Metroid cycles fit solely on Samus Returns and Fusion"

Iirc, Fusion says that the Metroid life cycle works that way in those games because that is how Metroids evolve in SR388-style environmental conditions. Apparently, that is also why the ones bred on Tallon IV are comparatively weak and able to be killed with just standard power beams shots if shot enough.