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Up until I had to get new glasses that made me no longer able to see stereoscopic 3D at all, I loved the stereoscopic 3D that some games and apps had. It added depth to game worlds although the stereoscopic 3D could be seen as gimmicky in apps like Swapnote/Swapdoodle. Stereoscopic 3D added the ability to judge depth in 3D platformers so you didn't strictly have to use character shadows to gauge your jumps anymore.

Stereoscopic 3D made games a lot more fun to look at and could even enhance the atmosphere a game world could have like if you're in a horror-themed world and having a stereoscopic 3D jump scare happen would be quite fun (and scary)! XD

Before my new glasses, I left my 3D slider cranked to max. I miss being able to view stereoscopic 3D and am disappointed Nintendo gave up on it. I do understand it takes more of the 3DS's power to render in stereoscopic 3D and that some game makers would prefer to disable stereoscopic 3D to get a performance boost for their games, but I hate seeing such a neat and useful feature being dropped like it was cancerous.

Hell Nintendo is even slowly moving away from motion controls only having gyro controls only for Switch. I liked the IR pointing of FPS games on Wii and Wii U. =<