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Soooo... you say the 3D is bad even though you can't comment on thehardware that people say does it good? I found that it had A LOT of shortcomings on the original model, but the New models blow the old ones out of the water. No one's said you had to buy it, I just asked if you had seen it in action or not, which you just admitted to not having, thereby invalidating a lot of your opinion on the matter.

So an optional feature makes you queasy? Then just turn it off and be done with it. Is it fair that a lot of people who want that certain, once again, OPTIONAL feature won't get it because YOU don't like it? Choice is good. Choice pleases everyone! Everyone who wants to use it can do so, everyone who doesn't can turn it off, everyone wins!

Selfishness is not a crime, no. It just makes you come across as a bit of a douche. No one likes a douche. Don't be a douche. Okay?

If Nintendo doesn't care, then why did they just release a SNES-themed New 3DS XL and a Metroid-themed New 3DS XL? Wouldn't it have been better to release them as New 2DS XLs instead if that's the version they want to push?


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