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Wed Sep 20 17 11:24pm
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Then stop, because it gets way more stacked. Basically in every new settlement you'll find a considerable list of quests (which in my case, I see them as excuses for grinding, instead of just killing monsters). I have to admit I haven't come back after the 6th town you find, because it just seems neverending. And worse of all, for some reason my affinity is still low, I haven't met the requirements for several spots that require that affinity.

Still, system wise is one of the better modern JRPGs.

- You can jump over any fence, drop from great heights, most sidequests complete automatically by collecting what you need, battles take place on the overworld and combine real time and turn base systems. In comparison to Tales and Final Fantasy, this game controls better, and so far the story has been very good. It's just that the sidequests feel for the most part like padding, feels like they're mainly to level up, moreso enriching your relations with the NPCs IMO.


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