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I just finished and... I can't find anyone else who feels the same way... but it felt too easy? I think that had a lot to do with the map being on the bottom screen. I think it drew my eyes more than it should and made the top screen activity somewhat trivial... Especially late game.
Idk... I see the reasoning behind these design choices with the full map and the pulse-map-filling-move... But they seemed to take away a lot.

Plus, I feel like they handed out too much energy and ammo from enemies. Again... I can understand that design change as it means less players have to stop and grind a spawning enemy to restore health... But this new way just seemed like you could bump into enemies all day and it not matter.

So... Not having to fully pay attention to dodging enemies and not studying the environment for clues and sort of mentally charting the levels... Idk... Is it just me that this seemed to make the experience easy?


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