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I've been playing Chicken Wiggle on 3DS.
This is a decent little 2D platformer from the dude behind Mutant Mudds (and it shows, because it looks to be running on the same exact engine). If you liked that, I see no reason why you wouldn't like this. It has obvious inspirations from the Super Mario series (what the hell platformer doesn't?) and the story mode contains 48 levels across 8 worlds. I haven't played through them all yet, but I've liked what I've played so far (mid-way through world 4). So far the levels have all been pretty short and nothing too difficult so far. There's 100 little collectible thingies in each level and they're right out in the open so you pretty much collect them with no effort and the closer you get to #100 you know you're nearing the end of the level. One minor annoyance (very minor) is that when you die you always have to click "retry" instead of it just putting you right back in the game like Mario or Sonic games would do.
The graphics are decent, especially if you like retro platformers (looks sort of a mix between 8-bits and 16-bits, which the developer refers to as 12-bits) and the game controls well, which is kinda important in a platformer.

Replay value comes in the form of a level editor. There's a lot of customization. In the main story mode of the game, you finish each level by rescuing a chicken that has been locked in a cage. But in the level editor you can make your own objectives, like the level can't be cleared until the player has killed all of the enemies, or found a key to unlock the door at the end. Best of all is that this developer had the common sense to allow you to share your created levels online, unlike Nintendo's stupid decision to not allow it in Super Mario Maker on 3DS. Even better than Super Mario Maker, you're allowed to tag your levels with keywords so that players will know what you were going for when designing it. You can also search for levels by name or name of the uploader. Indies doin' what Nintendon't. And the level editor and all the content is unlocked from the start, you don't even have to play the story mode at all, you can just start making levels right away.


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