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Hyrule Warriors Legends on 3DS.

It is quite a miracle to see this game running on a 3DS. I've never played the Dynasty Warriors games but they always looked so repetitive and like they'd get boring after an hour or two. Well, after playing this I feel I was right to think that. I have no desire to put any more time into this game. Do I wish I had played this on Wii U instead? Yeah, kind of. But I still don't think my opinion would've changed much, as far as it getting boring after a couple of hours. It would've just looked nicer and probably have more comfortable controls (assuming it supports Pro Controller).
Graphically, like I said, it's a miracle this game is running on a 3DS. Lots of enemies on screen. Though it is less impressive when you see so many of them just stand there doing nothing until you get close to them. It controlled well, I guess. I'm still not a fan of that little c-stick nub thingy on New 3DS systems but it felt more responsive here than it did in some other games I played that used it. After 3-4 hours I'm done and not convinced I need to come back to this. Some online co-op would've gotten me to stick around longer, at least.


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