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Wrong. In fact, what you've said been proven wrong time and time again. Having that kind of freedom WILL hurt good developers.

Look at the Android store, for example. For every 1 good game that gets released, you good 100 shitty ones. In the end this one good game gets buried alive and nobody sees it.

I have a Android phone with no games on it because, really, I CAN'T find anything good on Google Android. I just can't. The only times when I download a game for my smartphone was when I heard someone recommending a game on the Internet. However, inside the store, looking by meself, I can't find anything.

What chance a GOOD small developer will have when can't use the store to find their game?

Do you want that to be the future of the Nintendo Switch?

The same is true for Steam. Years ago I used to browse the Steam store and discover awesome. Nowadays, I don't even bother. Steam now lets all sorts of BS to be released there and good games simply don't have a chance of being featured.

The situation on Steam is so sad that someone has created a tutorial to help people find good games:

Yeah, do you really believe that allowing shovelware to besold on your store is good a thing when the people actually have to use a tutorial to have a chance of finding something decent?

And of course, as I said before, that also happaned with the Wii U.

And it's not me... Here's a reddit page about it:


And here's more people unable to find anything good (this time, on Steam):


By allowing shovelware into your store, you giving are destroying the chances of good developers to have their games discovered.

Your position is anti-customer and pro shovelware publishers and devs. that are just look to make some easy money by realeasing cheap crap.