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Tue Oct 17 17 08:34pm
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Evil Within 2: Nightmare difficulty.

Nearing what I assume is the end of Chapter 3, and so far it compares pretty unfavorably to the same stretch of chapters from the first game (which is kind of unfortunate, since Chapter 1 of the first game was by far the worst part).

Weird stylistic changes they made that do not seem to accomplish anything other than making the game feel more generic:


Weird mechanical changes:


On the other hand, at the very least I think it has a better open-world approach than Zelda did. Items have actual value (even if the amount of crap that has to be picked up to receive that value has massively inflated) and enemy encounters are more unique (nobody respawns until events introduce new enemy layouts) and way more engaging. Individual areas also lock Sebastian in and become essentially linear segments, which are by far better than aimlessly running around a giant oversized map.

Hoping things pick up.


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