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feel free to disagree but this is the typical response from someone who knows very little of the games and simply believes "the more the merrier". On the topic of football (yes football) there are two game series, pro evo and fifa. Now I have been a pro evo fan back in the day so the lack of a pro evo game on the switch is a bigger problem for me since I never found fifa enticing. Yet I have not been paying attention that the latest fifa games are far better than the pro evo ones so my ignorance simply ended with "I want pro evo". I am also ignoring the fact that the switch version of fifa is inferior both visually and in terms of content so people will be let down when they see this crap. But...my ignorance makes me happy that ea decided to make a fifa game?

Today I read about VVVVVV on the switch. TODAY! Seriously, there has to be a banner for indie virtual console instead of presenting them as something new...