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Firstly you could try to fish something at mangaGAF: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1075205

Though I suppose I should also warn its kind of a double edge sword since they post impressions of manga they're reading and while its focused on giving impressions you could get unexpected spoilers of something. At the same time you could find something unexpected.

As for recent manga I've read, the main one I'm following is Sakuranbo Syndrome which has 9 of its 11 volumes translated. It's more or less a soap opera about a college girl with a disease that's making her younger, the only way to treat said disease is by kissing a specific person, because since. Still the manga develops very well the main cast being a man that works at a boutique store, his female boss which he gets with her, and this diseased girl.

Another one is MAYONAKA NO X GITEN which in short, gives me Mirai Nikki vibes. It's a body swapping story involving lots of twists and shock moments of thrill.

KOHARU NO HIBI is a yandere romantic disturbing series. While not violent the implications of having the obsess girlfriend ring hard with this one. And depending on tastes you could either be cringed by the subject matter or kind of get morbidly curious on seeing how far it goes.

At the moment that's what I've got.


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